The Northside Baseball and Softball Association is looking for community sponsors for our upcoming spring and summer 2024 seasons. Northside Baseball and Softball is a nonprofit organization that provides community baseball and softball opportunities for all kids of the Northside, from Tee ball to Super Colt League.

Our beautiful facility has six fields that are used daily by our children and the community during our season, from March to July every year.

Please review the sponsorship opportunities listed below, and consider helping to keep our Northside teams thriving this season. It means so much to the children to have your support. And we hope to see you at our fields!

GOLD Sponsorship: $300 (Banner)

Northside GOLD Sponsors will receive a 3’ x 6’ banner that will be displayed for the entire spring, summer, and fall seasons at our Jack Stack facility. We will also feature your business logo on our webpage and Facebook post.

SILVER Sponsorship: $150 (Concession Sign)

Northside SILVER Sponsors will have their name included on a sign within the concession stand alongside other silver sponsors' names - visible during every game event at our home fields at Jack Stack park this spring and summer.

BRONZE Sponsorship: $50 (Digital)
Northside BRONZE Sponsors will receive their names listed digitally on our website.

All donations go towards supporting the needs of our players, equipment and uniforms, field maintenance, concessions, and necessities of the association. These contributions are greatly appreciated. And we THANK YOU for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

We are also very interested in sponsorship grants for specific needs that we have as an organization. If you are looking to make a specific gift, please contact us so that we can discuss some important needs for our organization.

Please make checks payable to: Northside Baseball & Softball Association

Either mail checks to the address below, or we can schedule a time to pick up. We are happy to swing by your place of business or home if that is more convenient for you.

Northside Baseball & Softball Association
P.O. Box 99452
Pittsburgh, PA 15233

Please email your logo to: or

Please contact us if you have further questions. Thank you.

Gold Sponsors

Burns White Center
     48 26th Street, Suite 101
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
      (412) 995-3270

Bronze Sponsors